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Legal support in Poland

In the current activities of the enterprise, there is often a need for legal advice, the development of contracts and other legal documents, legal support in obtaining licenses and various permits.

As international practice shows, most representatives of foreign business refuse full-time lawyers, choosing legal services in specialized outsourcing companies, because the advantages are obvious: saving the company's budget, the ability to receive services from specialists from different branches of law in one place, preserving the confidentiality of information, etc.

The lawyers of our company specialize in the areas of economic, tax, contractual, labor and land law, represent the interests of legal entities and individuals-entrepreneurs in economic and administrative courts of all levels, as well as in executive service bodies.

The inPL group is ready to provide a wide range of legal services to both business representatives and individuals:

  • legal advice in Krakow
  • lawyer services for foreigners in Krakow (services are provided in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and English)
  • notary in Krakow and notary services (powers of attorney, statements, real estate transactions and corporate rights)
  • registration of inheritance in Krakow for an apartment, house, land, car, business
  • legal support for the purchase of real estate in Krakow, real estate transactions, verification of real estate before buying, purchase and sale of residential and commercial real estate, services for the purchase of real estate in Krakow, support and registration
  • registration of a company in Krakow, registration of a company, branch, foreign representative office of the company; sale of ready-made companies in Krakow, legal support of transactions for the purchase of ready-made businesses, operating companies; company liquidation and bankruptcy, accounting services for companies in Krakow, business financial and tax reporting
  • registration and protection of intellectual property in Krakow, copyright, copyright certificates and patents
  • collection of debts and debts in Krakow from businesses and individuals, arbitration and out-of-court settlement
  • legal support for companies in Krakow, subscription legal services for companies and businesses, tax consulting and tax optimization in Poland
  • business immigration to Poland through business registration in Poland
  • help in court
  • preparation of documents and claims, some claims
  • examination of important papers in the field of law
  • resolution of disputes and conflicts
  • support of companies' activities

The employees of the inPL group will help you in resolving all issues related to legal support of your activity in Poland and provide professional legal support.