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Bank account

To provide business in Poland foreigners, espessialy, especially citizens of non-European Union countries must have opened account in Polish bank.

Opening a bank account is one of the important think for any foreigner, who lives in Poland, without one it can be hard to do simple things like set up a home internet connection or get a mobile phone contract.

All you need to take along to open an account in Polish bank is:

  • Passport or any other document that confirms legal stay in Poland (ID card, residence card)

  • Polisz or any other active telephone number

  • Data of parents (mother’s and father’s full name, mother’s maiden name)

  • Polish or any other active in Poland phone number (required to activate an account)

  • Address for correspondence in Poland (to send a card). The address does not have to be a place of living of a person who opens the account.

Usually a new card is sent to owner in term up to 8 days.

How to open a bank account for a company in Poland?

To open a corporate bank account, the company owner must provide:

  • Company Charter (copy)

  • Company Registration Certificate

  • Passport or any other document that confirms company's owner legal stay in Poland (ID card, residence card)

  • Statement from National Court Register

The cost of bank fee depends on the bank and averages is up to PLN 20 per month.

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