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Poland has become a country of central and eastern Europe, where networks of private investors, the so-called "business angels", are successfully developing. Increasingly, wealthy businessmen with a lot of experience are happy to come to the aid of small and medium-sized companies that have interesting business plans. The idea of "business angel" came to Poland from western Europe. "Business angel" is a special type of private investor who invests his own financial surplus in young promising companies. The fact is that start-up companies can not always get bank loans. Banks do not want to take risks when they ask for money from companies that have just appeared. That is why high risk is an integral part of the business angels. Thanks to the financial injections of the"Angels", young companies can quickly, within two to four years, develop and return to investors amounts even several times larger than invested. To coordinate their activities, "business angels" connect in the network. In Poland, the first such network appeared seven years ago. Currently, there are several of them operating in the country. Business angels are supported by the European Commission. It finances projects aimed at market research, as well as popularizing the activities of investors. In Poland, a young company, which will be able to convince the "angel" of the prospects of its business plan, usually gets from 100 to 500 000 zlotys (or from 25 to 125 000 euros).