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e-Commerce and business development in Poland

E-commerce organization and development

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is the process of buying and selling goods or services, making money transactions and transmitting data over the Internet.

With the online shopping market growing at 23% per year, new e-commerce solutions are a must for anyone who wants to grow their business.

How does e-commerce differ from traditional ways of doing business?

The main difference lies in the network capabilities and virtuality of the business. Information and telecommunication technologies are widely used to provide mobility, instant communication from anywhere and anytime, as well as access to unlimited databases of products and services. Instant orders and information exchange facilitate cooperation between suppliers and customers.

Types of e-commerce

There are various types of e-commerce that you can choose depending on your preferences, capital and business model. Different business models use different methods and strategies. The most popular e-commerce tools are:

- B2B

- B2C

- Affiliate marketing

- Online auction

- Web marketing

How do e-commerce businesses work?

The entire e-commerce process can be broken down into three main components or workflows:

  1. Receiving an order

  2. Processing order information

  3. Delivery/performance of the service.

Remember that successful e-commerce is based on competent planning and consistent implementation of a business project.

Another significant advantage of an e-commerce business is its ability to quickly identify a target audience and easily reach it. For example, when planning to sell any product, you can easily conduct market research on the Internet and determine your niche in this market. Accordingly, you can send emails or advertising brochures to potential customers who should be interested in your product or service. Compared to traditional methods of promotion, it is cost-effective and will allow you to avoid unnecessary costs.

At inPLGroup, we implement many e-commerce solutions in various industries, using the best technologies and latest trends. Our experts have extensive experience in creating a full cycle of Internet trading in Poland.

KotwicaAmong many others, our services include:

  • analytics and recommendations on a specific request

  • consulting services on a specific request

  • risk assessment and feasibility in your product group

  • development of a working strategy

  • risk and cost assessment

  • development and organization of business processes

  • solving logistic issues

  • assistance in import and export operations

  • assistance in research and certification

  • assistance in finding the best warehouse solution

  • processing assistance

  • assistance in the proper setup and filling of Polish sites

  • assistance in organizing the info line, as well as its maintenance

  • assistance in supporting previously established processes (first aid).

inPLGroup Company guarantees its customers a full range of services in organizing and setting up the e-commerce process within a reasonable time!