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Accounting audit

Audit and accounting 

In the circumstances of the volatility of the global economy any business needs to have several experts who will help navigate changing standards, accounting features, as well as changes in the regulatory environment of the country where the business is conducted.

The inPL Group provides a range of auditing services for Foreign companies operating in Poland. Since 2013, inPL Group accountants and consultants have specialized in providing accounting and auditing services to individuals and legal entities. We ensure compliance with accounting, auditing, and certification standards and regulations.

We have well-established standards and quality control systems that comply with professional standards and applicable laws and regulations. All this allows an effective audit of companies.

The inPL Group specialists provide the most up-to-date financial advice aimed at maximizing the potential of your business in the competitive conditions of the Polish market.

Every audition and certification starts with careful planning and preparation. The collection of the necessary information takes place with minimal disruption to the working environment.

The inPL Group's approach is based on a high-quality risk assessment, which allows getting information about business and control problems at an early stage and focusing the efforts of the company's specialists on the areas of the greatest risk.

Our auditing focuses on the substance of the entire business, not just financial statements. inPL Group auditors not only prepare audit reports for you following the international requirements. We also provide advice on opportunities to improve your internal control system, reduce tax risks, and improve the reliability and transparency of financial reporting.

What do we offer?

  • Auditing in a multi-stage process.

Allows you to quickly identify existing errors and immediately fix them for an annual audition. The first stage is the first 9 months of the year, the second stage is before the annual report.

  • Snap-shot audition.

Brief audit (evaluation) of the state of the company's economic activity and tax accounting.

  • Consulting on accounting issues and providing an opinion. Including record management, business accounting, regulatory filing, and regulatory compliance.

  • Preparing financial statements following the international accounting standards.

  • Preparing and submission of reports on corporate income tax (CIT-8) and VAT.

  • Preparing reports to the state statistical office GUSb and preparing annual financial statements for submission to KRS.

  • Studying the existing accounting system and submitting proposals for improvement and bringing it in line with Polish law.

The inPL Group strives to provide its clients with the highest quality services, including constant feedback and comprehensive customer care. We do our best to make doing business in Poland as comfortable and profitable as possible for you.

The company's auditors are responsible for providing assurances. That is why many Foreign companies choose inPL Group professionals to receive high-quality accounting and auditing services for business in Poland.

If you need more information about the company and you want to know more about our audit or accounting services please contact us: (link to the feedback form).