Бухгалтерия в Польше | inPL Group - бухгалтерское обслуживание в Люблине, Катовице, Кракове и Варшаве

Trade mission

Starting a business and managing it in another country, at the same time as already existing at home, is often a difficult and obscure process. And sometimes it’s not even that many managers prefer to take matters into their own hands and cannot physically control the work in different places. Lack of experience in governing in another country, lack of knowledge of legislation, law, language and even mental differences are the main obstacles for many.

Some conservatism of the Poles themselves can sometimes turn out to be a significant obstacle in working with Polish business. Their companies are not very willing to contact directly with companies from the CIS (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.).
Difficulties often arise at the beginning of cooperation, when partners just get to know each other and the seller's requirement is to pay in advance for the goods, and the buyer - to pay for the goods, at least after delivery, customs clearance (customs clearance), checking its quantity and quality. For effective work, a seller from the CIS, in this case, needs to have a local trading partner, a sales representative in Poland.

We offer our clients:

  • Starting a business and registering a company in Poland
  • Legal and accounting support
  • Opening and maintaining a legal address and renting a virtual office
  • Service of correspondence on behalf of the customer
  • Representation of interests in official instances on behalf of the customer
  • Assistance in promoting the sale of goods in Poland
  • Search for partners, suppliers and consumers
  • Search for contractors, distributors and sales channels
  • Market analysis, benchmarking (assessment and comparison of goods, services, in-depth market analysis)
  • Full logistic support: transportation of goods, customs clearance (customs clearance) of goods with obtaining all the necessary certificates
  • Full outsourcing of warehouse services with the receipt and delivery of goods from the warehouse at the request of the customer.
  • Participation in negotiations with foreign partners, exhibitions and conferences (as a Polish translator / consultant / customer representative)
  • Assistance in organizing participation in various exhibitions and conferences on the territory of Poland (hotel reservations, meeting at the airport, railway station, support in negotiations and solving various issues)
  • Help in finding, renting and buying any real estate
  • Travel support in Poland