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The open market and favorable investment climate in Poland, as well as the country's economic position in world rankings (in 2018 Poland took 22nd place in the ranking of world's leading economies, now the Polish economy takes 7th place in the European Union), attract more and more foreign investment and business-projects. Optimization of company registration processes and the accounting system in Poland, the ability to perform most of the operations on-line greatly simplify the work of the company. However, for both foreigners and Poles, it is economically more profitable to use the services of external accounting bureaus than to hire an accountant in the staff or do everything themselves.

The salary of a qualified full-time chief accountant in Poland ranges from $1,500 to $4,000 per month. The salary of an ordinary staff accountant is $400-500 per month. The average cost of accounting services from an external accounting company in Poland is from 350 zl for 5 documents.

The cost of accounting services in Poland per document is proportionally reduced depending on the increase in the number of documents processed by an accounting company.

Accounting outsourcing has become a necessary part of the work of every small and medium-sized business in Poland. Private entrepreneurs usually keep a book of income and expenses (Księga Przychodów i Rozchodów), and limited liability companies (Spółka z Ograniczoną Odpowiedizalnością - Sp. z o.o.) keep full accounting records. The conclusion of a contract for current accounting and personnel services in Poland with a specialized company ensures that the company maintains the necessary records and submits reports to regulatory authorities. 

Generally, accounting service in Poland includes:

  • Procurement/Sales accounting - VAT Transactions
  • Verification of submitted documents
  • Asset accounting
  • Preparation and submission of corporate income tax reports
  • CIT-8 and VAT
  • Cost optimization and preparing reports for business owners
  • Reporting to the GUS Statistics Office
  • Compiling annual financial statements
  • Representing companies before the tax office
  • Bank transfers
  • Invoicing

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