Бухгалтерия в Польше | inPL Group - бухгалтерское обслуживание в Люблине, Катовице, Кракове и Варшаве

Tax and General accounting in Lublin

The central office of the accounting company inPL Group is located in Lublin. The Lublin office employs more than 25 qualified specialists who maintain accounting and personnel records in Poland for foreign companies that need Russian-speaking accounting in Lublin and other Eastern regions of Poland.

The main services that can be obtained from the Lublin office of the inPL Group: accounting services in Russian. personnel records, submission of financial reports to state control authorities, registration of a business in Poland, documentary management of transport companies. There is a separate HR department, which serves not only Polish companies that have several employees on their staff, but also the so-called temporary employment agencies in Poland, where the number of employees in Poland can exceed several hundred.
In addition, you can buy an electronic signature at the inPL Group office in Lublin.

Despite the saturation of the market of those who provide accounting services in Poland, a good accountant in Lublin who can not only submit reports but also help the client understand accounting in Poland in Russian is quite enough - this is a specialist who is difficult to find.

High-quality accounting services in Lublin at affordable prices, free consultations and ongoing support and information on all changes in Polish legislation can be obtained at any of our three offices.