Бухгалтерия в Польше | inPL Group - бухгалтерское обслуживание в Люблине, Катовице, Кракове и Варшаве


inPL Group LLC offers our clients two packages of accountant service and a range of other additional services for the comprehensive maintenance of clients in Poland.

Service PE LLC
Company without turnover 200 PLN 300/400 PLN
from 0 to 10 documents 300 PLN 500 PLN
from 11 to 30 documents 400 PLN 700 PLN
from 31 to 50 documents 500 PLN 900 PLN
from 51 to 70 documents 600 PLN 1100 PLN
from 71 to 100 documents 700 PLN 1350 PLN
from 101 to 150 documents 900 PLN 1700 PLN
from 151 to 200 documents 1200 PLN 2200 PLN
over 200 documents - for every 10 documents 100 PLN 100 PLN
Accounting for WNT/WDT/service import:
1 transaction equals 3 operations
Employee settlement. HR AND PAYROLL (per person) 70 PLN 70 PLN

E-Commerce (Amazon, Allegro, etc)/Uber, Bolt etc (cost per document):

up to 1000 transactions
from 1000 to 3000 transactions
from 3000 to 5000 operations


1,75 PLN
1,5 PLN


1,75 PLN
1,5 PLN
Additional services
Service Price
Annual financial report monthly accounting fee, but not less then 500 PLN
Business delegation/trip 50 PLN
Invoicing on behalf of client 10 PLN/psc.
Assign declaration PCC 100 PLN
Assign reports to GUS (SP-3, F-01, DNU) from 300 PLN
Assign reports to GUS (Z-06) 150 PLN
Monthly PPK settlement 20 PLN
Drawing up a cut for the annual financial report 350 PLN
Assign report DT-1 200 PLN
Certificates from Tax office, CFR-1 200 PLN + stamp duties
NIP-8 actualisation 100 PLN
VAT registration/recovery 500 PLN
Registration to Vat-OSS 500 PLN
Prepare documents for bank (leasing, credit etc.) from 200 PLN
Representation in TAX office, ZUS, Boder guard, Labour inspection from 500 PLN
Balance and P&L report from 300 PLN
Tax report PIT-37 or PIT-36 from 200 PLN
Submit annual report to KRS 300 PLN + gov. costs
Accounting audit from 1000 PLN
Submit tax reports 100 PLN/month
Submitting invoices, bank payments etc. (20 docs.) 200 PLN
Providing access to the client's personal account + mobile version 10 PLN/month
Providing access to the client's personal account + mobile version + function invoicing 25 PLN/month
Tax report correction due to client 100 PLN
Invoice correction (code GTU) from 100 PLN
payroll lists/ZUS reports correction 100/100 PLN
Additional payroll report 300 PLN
Archiving of documents after termination of the contract 10 PLN/day
Archiving of documents after the end of the accounting year 50 PLN/5 month for each year / 5 segregators
Repeated preparation of a package of documents for accounting services 200 PLN
Preparation of documents and protocol on the transfer of documents 300 PLN
Hourly pay for the work of an accountant/HR 250 PLN/hour
Hourly fee for the manager's work 200 PLN/hour
Written reminder about debt 10 PLN
Drawing up the Policy accounting/Drafting of the Remuneration Policy from 1000 PLN
Making copies and scans of documents 0,50 PLN/page
from 1500 PLN

More about services
Company registration service in Poland
from 300 PLN

More about services
Accounting services in Poland for LLC
Business services
Service Price
Company registration service in Poland от 1500 PLN
Virtual office in Poland от 100 PLN
Open bank account in Poland от 800 PLN
Electronic digital signature Eurocert от 350 PLN
Changes to the Registry (KRS) от 500 PLN
Legal support in Poland от 300 PLN
Transport service
Service Price
International transportation license от 2000 PLN
National transportation license 2000 PLN
Transportation permition for personal purpose 2000 PLN
International spedition license 2000 PLN
Copy of transportation license от 300 PLN
Driver's certificate от 225 PLN
Certificate of transport managing - Certyfikat kompetencji zawodowych от 250 PLN
Transportation insurance от 150 PLN
Vehicle changes with transportation license от 170 PLN
Vehicle registration от 400 PLN