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What is KRS?

State Court Register in Poland.
KRS (Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy) is a state court register in Poland. All kinds of business entities and insolvent debtors are registered in the register.
The main task of the register is to provide information on the legal status of a registered entity, as well as its financial situation and its representatives.
The KRS stores data about:

REGON number;
NIP number;
KRS number;
Company registration address, etc.

Company registration in KRS
When opening any form of enterprise in Poland, a mandatory item is its registration in the KRS register.
This can be done online at the official registry portal. The company then automatically receives a KRS, REGON and NIP number.
An extract from the electronic form KRS has full legal authority.

If you register in the traditional way (not through the website), but in person or via e-mail, then you will need to submit all the necessary documents to the district court office, initially filling out the documents and paying a certain fee.