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What needs to be done after registering a company in Poland

What should be done immediately after registering a company?

- Declaration PCC-3 - income tax from civil contracts in the amount of 0.5% of the amount of the authorized capital of your company;

The authorized capital is the funds that you, as the owner of the company, transfer to the society for activities. In return, you get corporate rights to the firm. The minimum authorized capital for a company in Poland is PLN 5,000. How much you need to determine for your business depends on your individual needs.


- Declaration NIP-8 - registration of the company as a taxpayer in the tax office.

Within 21 days from the date of registration, you must send the completed form NIP-8 to the tax office at the place of registration, which contains information about the company, its bank account and accounting firm.

The same document is submitted in order for your company's accounts to be displayed in the so-called "White List" (Biała Lista).


- Registration in CRBR

Within 7 (seven) working days from the date of registration, it is necessary to submit information about the ultimate beneficiaries (owners) of the Polish company to the special register. This is an important issue, since the law provides for a fine (up to 1 million zlotys) for failure to comply with an obligation. In order to submit information to the register of beneficiaries, the manager must prepare himself a PESEL tax number and an EPUAP digital signature or obtain a qualified digital signature.

Additional formalities

- After registering a company, you need to open a bank account. For this, the manager must personally appear at the bank branch to draw up the necessary documents and conclude an agreement. You must have a passport and an extract from the KRS of the newly formed society with you.

- Make an EORI certificate

This is the number assigned to businesses for customs purposes when registering in the Entrepreneurship Registration and Identification System. The key goal of the EORI system is to speed up customs procedures for legal entities and individuals who are engaged in economic activities in the EU or participate in customs operations.

- VAT-R declaration - for registration of a company as a VAT payer;

- Immediately after submission of documents for registration, an agreement should be concluded with a "virtual office" to ensure the normal selection of correspondence from the new company. Why is that? During the company registration process, KRS may ask you for additional documents or information. Or find an error in the submitted documents. In such cases, the registrar will send you a letter to the registration address. If you do not receive it on time, registration may be delayed.

- If an entrepreneur has registered a company in Poland, you should consider hiring an accountant. A specialist can be hired on a permanent basis or use the services of an outsourcing company, which is much more profitable. Cooperation with the agency guarantees the timely provision of reports, competent accounting with knowledge of the intricacies of Polish legislation and the tax system, and also eliminates the need to pay sick leave and vacations for a full-time specialist.