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ePUAP - What does it mean?

 What is an ePUAP profile?

The ePUAP is a way to verify your identity. It is available to users for free and helps to solve issues related to state services from the comfort of their homes.

What is the ePUAP for?

The ePUAP profile helps to settle all sorts of formalities over the Internet. Here are the main types of services that you can use:

  • business registration

  • notice of loss or damage of an identity card or driver’s license

  • notice of the sale of motor vehicles

  • company registration

  • verification of insurance premiums or sick leave

  • information about the number of the future retirement benefits

  • file or verify a tax return

  • get a criminal record

  • check your data

  • get a copy of many documents, for example, a birth or marriage certificate.

How to create your profile?

There are two types of profile creation on this portal, depending on whether you have an electronic signature. Those who have an electronic signature can simply create an account and use it to confirm their data. The rest need to register on the website and contact one of the following authorities within 2 weeks: administration, tax office, social insurance department, consulate or bank branch (not all banks deal with such issues). You should confirm your personal data in one of these institutions.

This site is easy to use and helps to simplify the lives of users in many ways.