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What is a Virtual Office?

When creating a new company, you need an address where it will be registered. Many entrepreneurs do not have the opportunity and funds to rent / buy their own office. Therefore, it is possible to register your office at the address of the company that provides the "Virtual Office" service.

A virtual office allows a company not to have a physical presence in a given location, but to provide real services.

As part of the service, it is possible to receive and redirect calls to the entrepreneur and process incoming correspondence. Thus, an entrepreneur using a virtual office does not have to appear there in person.

Among the most important advantages of running a company with a virtual address are, first of all, low cost and a prestigious location. However, entrepreneurs who decide to take advantage of the offer of virtual offices must face the difficulties associated with registering a business or adding a company to the VAT register.

In addition to leasing an address, a virtual office also provides:

- individual phone numbers

- pickup phones and faxes

- receiving and sending correspondence

- collection and processing of mailbox

- legal and accounting services

- storage of documents

- registration of business entities in KRS, US, ZUS, GUS

- Accounting support

- creating a company account

- mailbox

- rent of meeting rooms for business meetings

- advisory support in various fields