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VAT - What does it mean?

What is a VAT?

The Value Added Tax (VAT).

The standard rate is 23%.

The VAT (ValueAddedTax) collected on the purchase of local goods, products, services, clothing.

As a rule, this tax is already automatically included in the price of goods or services (GROSS price). If the price is indicated as NET this means that VAT is not added.

There are different VAT rates in Poland that depend on the type of goods and services:

  • 23% - the standard VAT rate

  • 8% - some food and fruits, fertilizers, newspapers and magazines, some books, certain pharmaceutical and medical products, transportation of passengers (buses and taxis), hotel services

  • 5% - certain fruits and nuts, spices, some books and editions

  • 3% - some food products, agricultural products, livestock and fisheries

  • 0% - export of goods, international transport services, computer equipment, digital data transmission devices.

The VAT exemption applies to health care services, social security, education and other government institutions.

A foreigner who has his own business in Poland is obliged to pay a VAT for selling goods/services.

A VAT tax is paid to the tax office of the area where a taxpayer works.