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NIP - What does it mean?

What is a NIP?

The NIP (Numer Identyfikacji Podatkowej) is the taxpayer’s identification number. A ten-digit number is issued by the state tax office. This number is required for official employment and tax payments.

Getting a NIP

When employing, the employer is obliged to pay the first tax for the employee after 2-3 weeks from receiving his first salary. This means that employee, like any taxpayer, must get a NIP. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain it either before employment or immediately upon the fact of employment.

Foreign citizens must also have a NIP if they receive income in Poland. The NIP can be replaced by a PESEL number, which is an identification number, not a tax. PESEL is a system for recording data about permanent residents and temporary residents living in Poland.


To obtain a NIP you must contact the tax service Urząd Skarbowy and fill out all the necessary documents. Then you just have to wait for the paperwork. Step-by-step guide:

  1. it is necessary to collect all the required documents: an identity card (passport), an employment contract, a completed tax status confirmation form (filled on the spot); also you have to provide the tax service with bank account information, contact information and other documents that may be requested additionally

  2. contact the tax office of Urząd Skarbowy at the place of residence

  3. fill out the NIP-7 form.

Only persons who illegally stay in Poland or violate the law can be denied to receive a NIP. Also, you can get a denial if you already have a valid NIP number. The existence of a previously issued NIP can be checked with the tax office.